Destination unknown

8:32:00 AMMohamed Samaras

Hi everyone, this time I choose that look to express my feelings about something that is really touching me recently, are we on the right path ? what direction are we interested to take in our life ? does it will work for us or not ? I know we are a lot to have the same problem and it's pratically impossible to know everything before hand, but if you wait until you have all information life will pass you by in the mean time, so all we can do is some research on what are the areas of your life where you seem to lack direction, grab some paper and start a list. It could be anything so just write it down. Clothing style, hair, job or career, friends, purchases, sales, or whatever it may be, and after that ask more questions, gain some practical experience, then make a decision and act on it, and that's the hard point, it's when do you know when it's time to quit researching and time to start the field work ? That will vary depending on the person. I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. I study computer network, but somehow, I think my future is in fashion blog or other things about clothes of some sort. But without anything more specific, how can I possibly move forward? What road will take me to a destination that I can't specify?
Anyway in this look I wanted to thank all those street artists who unleach their imagination on the walls of Rabat by their participation in the Jidar Festival, so if you want to check out these murals for yourself, you can find them on the following streets: Avenue Hassan II, Avenue Tadla, Avenue Ibn Sina, Avenue Al Alaouyine, Avenue Hamman El Fatwaki, Avenue Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Avenue Al Moukawama, Avenue Madagascar, Rue Abdelmoumen and Avenue Allal Al Fassi.

I was wearing 
Jacket / Levi's
Sweater / Harley Davidson
Jeans / H&M
Shoes / Dr. Martens
Sunglasses / Eyewear Monb

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