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Hello Y'all,
Adding a modern edge with this suit dressing up with my white shirts H&M .
A shirt parachute fulfills absolutely the above mentioned criteria of style, class, classy, insurance and virility. The shirt too large breaks the silhouette. And it's redneck.
Shirt into pants The so-called "casual" shirts, so those you choose in the other rays that suits / ties of the store are made to be worn over the pants ZARA because they are relatively short.
For the dressing down i choose my favorite DR MARTENS Loafer UNISEX accompanied with withe Long socks ZARA and i finished my wear with a Vintage Ray Ban Aviator ad.

you can roll up the sleeves for a more classy look and specially for these access to work and study , don’t forget the spice up your outfit with your personality …

Have a great day !! 🙂

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