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Hello my dear readers , the Palace skateboards is a London brand created at the end of 2009 and that sponsors to first recruited Olly Todd who had then left stereo skateboards. In October 2010 PALACE Skateboard Chewy Cannon passes pro for the brand PALACE Skateboards was voted European Brand of the Year 2011 at the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin , It also is one of the 'Sold-Out Market' such as "Supreme - Antisocialsocialclub - Vetements official - .....!!" A scenario wherein all or nearly all of the remaining investors have sold their positions. Sold-out markets, as a result, contain very few traders left to sell anything, hence, the name. A sold-out market can occur for various reasons, like limited choices and/or poor liquidity. Generally, sold-out markets occur in the futures industry or in industries that have limited liquidity to begin with. Once a market is sold-out, no contracts are available and trading grinds to a halt. This lack of activity is similar to what one sees in over-the-counter markets from time to time, where buyers sometime struggle to find sellers and vice versa.

 i’m wearing : 

Palace Skateboard / Sweat 3M Crew Black
                    H&M / white shirts
                 Dickies / skate pants 
                   VANS / Slip on 
                   Monb / Eyewear 

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