Vintage - Rock'n roll

First look - Vintage - Rock'n roll

9:32:00 AMMohamed Samaras

I’m happy to announce that i finally took my lifestyle to the next level and hereby present my newborn baby. This is a project I've had in my mind for a long time and I have now decided to just go for it. I still have many ideas and projects up my sleeves and I’m looking forward to everything that is yet to come. But for now, this is my little space where I would like to share with you some of my outfits and thoughts. I really hope you enjoy!

So this is my first look, I’m sharing with you today this Vintage - Rock’n Roll look, The whole look I got on was somewhat inspired by the band Ramones and some vintage clothes, They normally dress very casual but always have a very off putting edgy look.

I kinda love mixing this type of styles (Vintage – Rock’n Roll)
I copped these bombers from Uswings, it’s an USA made. You can dress it up or down when it comes to pieces of clothing like this. A focus to these ripped black jeans, a jewel from H&M. About boots, a thick and waterproof leather, a tough pair from Dr. Martens.
And to give some originality to this look, I used to wear a black hoodie From Hurley up on Ramones sweatshirt, a black leather backpack from Zara and round black vintage sunglasses on my eyes from asos.

I hope you dig my first look !

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