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Second blog post! This is still a weird thing for me but I am learning as I go, thats the point isn’t it? I have challenged myself to post at least once a week and now that the blog, instagram (@mohamedsamaras) and lookbook are up, it motivates me to do just that!

For this time, I decided to wear my brown shawl cardigan from Asos. This color is still one of my favorites, for it’s simplicity and easy vibe and also easiness to mix and match. I wore this cardigan with my pair of skinny black jeans from H&M and my black Superstar pair from Adidas. And to give some originality to this look, I used to wear a black sweatshirt under the cardigan, a long scarf from Zara and master club sunglasses on my eyes from Ray-Ban.

I really like that this look is not complicated at all and it transmits this easy-going. What do you think guys?

Well that will be it for today peeps. Thank you once again for reading me and for sending me all your comments and all your love through all of my social media. It’s March already, and spring is just around the corner! This month will feature some really great content, so keep posted for a lot of surprises in the upcoming weeks. Like always, remember to be stylish and to let your voice be heard. See you in a couple of days with more fashion and style posts. Till next time! 

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