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8:25:00 AMMohamed Samaras

Hello everyone ! The last week was a true tragedy for us, the 19th march 2016 in Casablanca Med V Stadium some acts of violence have been produced and left 3 dead peoples and more 60 injured. In this occasion i'm expressing unworthiness overlooked this tragedy.
The first reason for this footbalistic terrorisme, is that the soccer field is not valid for a soccer game and does not include minimum requirements of the dignity of the spectator; such as the absence of box offices and the closure of the toilets and the use of only few doors and the City Council promised a reform for years without fulfilling it. The stadium is out of all FIFA standards. Shame ! The second reason Black Sabbath. ... Incapable University and it is able to control the clubs and, in particular, some club presidents. The proof, is that Raja's and Wydad's presidents threatened to withdraw from the tournament! The clubs are responsible for the organization of games, it has been condemned by the complete inability to carry out this responsibility.
- Security and not controlling the entrances to the stadium failed.
- Bribery in the gates of the stadiums by some security guards and leaving minors and adults punctuated the stadium without a ticket and without serious inspection.
For showing my feelings, i used to wear some casual clothes like a hooligans, the casual subculture is a subsection of association football culture that is typifiedby football hooliganism and the wearing of expansive designer clothing, like this Stone Island outerwear whish is a masterpiece, I matched it with a Levi Strauss 751 skinny Jeans, New Balance 574 sneakers and Julbo sunglasses.
And to indicate my opinion, I put on a boots from Magnum Boots which is a company who produces boots for millitary and police in the USA in the STOP driving sign to say stop on how the police in Morocco their work and how they treat peoples in the stadium.

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